Child Benefit – protect your pension

This isn’t the most scintillating thing I’ve ever written, so I’ll try to keep it brief.

If you’re a parent of a young child or children born after 2013, and aren’t eligible for Child Benefit (i.e. if you or your partner earns over £60K), you still need to apply for it and tick the box which states you don’t want to receive the payments (in the higher earner section of the form).

If you don’t do this it can impact your National Insurance contributions and state pension.

This is the form you need to fill out – you can also complete it retrospectively for older siblings, although annoyingly it will only be backdated for three months.

Apparently HM Treasury tell new parents about this via the Bounty packs handed out in hospital when you have a baby. I flicked through and then chucked mine without seeing anything about Child Benefit – and also didn’t get a pack after my second birth, which was at home.

HM Treasury and HMRC really need to try harder to reach parents about this – expecting people to read a Government leaflet which they may or may not be given isn’t good enough. I hope they will think about a national advertising or social media campaign that will get the message out there, or briefing Health Visitors.


More information on Money Saving Expert and a This Is Money article, with more information on where to complain if this has affected you.


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