Career change and fitness goals

Carla and NathanRecently I’ve made some big decisions about my life, starting with handing in my notice at Barclays. I’ve worked in the PR team there for the past six years. It was a tough choice as there are a lot of great things about working there – and it’s a very family friendly company. If you fancy working in financial services I highly recommend it as a workplace. But, if I’m honest, I always felt a bit like a round peg in a square hole (or is it square peg in a round hole? I’m never sure) and I think it’s now time to properly explore what really makes me happy.

Getting some headspace

Having the last year on maternity leave with Miranda has given me a chance to ponder this. So my plan is to work part time – aiming for creative PR/writing projects that I can get passionate about. I also want to take a copy writing course and spend more time creating content for this blog. There’s so much to learn but it’s all so satisfying, and I’ve found the blogger community to be super helpful and supportive. I will be getting closer to Aby Moore’s Facebook Mamapreneur Revolution Group to help learn the tricks of the blogging trade and start building a network. I’ve discovered that I love blogging and I can’t wait to delve deeper into it.

Getting a plan

Next week I have a session with local business and career coach Ruth Kudzi. I’m hoping it will kick start my focus on my long term career goals and how to get there. I’m really excited about working with her as I’ve been a silent lurker within her Rebel Collective Facebook group for a while and she’s helped so many women carve out successful businesses, which are compatible with family life. I want to be in her gang!

Getting my sweat on

I’ve also started T25, for anyone not familiar with this it’s an intense workout programme you do in your home for 25 minutes a day, six days a week, for ten weeks. There is also one painful day with two sessions back to back. I haven’t ever properly committed to an exercise regime before and the early starts are a killer – Ed and I get up at 5:30am and do it before the kids are up.  I want to punch someone when the alarm goes off but I always feel good afterwards. I am sadly lacking in co-ordination so some of the moves are a bit tricky but I will keep plugging away. I’m writing about this here as I’m hoping that I will actually stick to it if I tell everyone about it. I’d like to enter my 40th year feeling fit and hopefully a bit more toned, so the work starts here…

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